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Cable Management Software

ProBusinessTools software is an outstanding cable software solution for the cable industry. We understand the cable industry and its need for tracking service orders, managing fleet schedules, and dispatching service calls. Please give us a call and see for yourself how we can help you with your cable management software needs.

With our application, you can:
  • Schedule and track technicians by region, technician levels, subcontractor ratings, skill set, hours worked, job discription, and even schedule multiple technicians over multiple days to accomplish large extensive projects that may take more than one specialty to accomplish.

  • We can handle all your cable company software needs. Completely organize and manage your business all within our Internet-based application. No software to install. Completely manage your company from within or outside of your office. Our program is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection.
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Key Features Include:

Click here to learn more about PBT Scheduling Scheduling & Dispatching

Manage your cable company's available man power with our calendar-driven employee, service and job scheduling cable software. Our software allows you to quickly manage all your cable hookup and service calls.
Click here to learn more about PBT Recurring Billing Management Software Recurring Billing

Turn a completed sale order into an automated billing machine. Recurring billing features, gives Cable Providers the tools to bill thousands of customers easier than ever before. Allow customers to setup auto payments, pay online, receive bills by email, etc. We'll help you bring your cable company into the information age.
Click here to learn more about PBT Work Order Management Work Order Management

Manage all your work orders and customers with one cable management software. Our cable software maintains your work orders online so they can be accessed by all your staff; both in the office and in the field.
Click here to learn more about PBT Reports and Dashboards Technician Management

Track in-house and subcontractors in the areas they cover, the distance between appointments by optimizing their routes and schedules, pay levels, ranking, and performance. Use our
Mobile Software to track where your technicians are in real time, what job they are currently on, and to keep track of their billable time.

Click here to view additional features of our Cable Management Software!


"As a company operating 24/7, and also being based outside of the U.S., we were concerned about the level of support we would receive, especially on a hosted platform. These concerns were short lived."
Vinay Joshi, IT Manager (Green Dot Limited)

"We have loved PBT since 2004. We can honestly say we would not be here without it. PBT has the ability to give your company the polished professional skills and appearance you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment."
Tim Bolin, Manager, (DigiStar Genesis)

"My company’s daily jobs cannot survive without ProBusinessTools. Since our business relies heavily on nationwide installation, we could not accept any jobs without this tool."
Ricki, General Manager, (PowerSat USA)

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