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ProBusinessTools® Reports and Dashboards Software

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Quick Reporting:

No business management software would be complete without reporting. However, we take it a step further. From 100's of customizable dashboards and reports, we allow emailing of reports, downloading reports, and custom queries. We can automate reports on a scheduler to run them and email out to as many people necessary. It’s it about time you have full unrestricted control of your business?

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Company Reports:

The Company reports section contains a variety of reports to help you keep track of your company’s day to day operations. You can customize each report based on order type, installer, sales person and point of sale. Your reports can be displayed based on individual dates or selectable date ranges. With the customization that is available you are able to easily find the information you need to run your business.

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Installers Reports:

The Installer reports section is used to run various scheduling reports on individuals or groups of installers. It is also used by the installers to printout the paperwork they need for a job, and with the proper permissions selected, close their jobs out when they are completed.

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Daily Dashboard Report:

Quickly view all the orders for the day, week, or other date range, what status they’re in, how many you have scheduled for each region, store, department, or other demographics. Quickly see updated information from the field via our Mobile Application. Identify what jobs or appointments are in jeopardy of a late show by the technician or employee and quickly move appointments around by linking to our Daily Dispatch board.

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Daily Order Edit by Sales Region:

Allow work group managers to quickly view the status of all jobs going on for the day in their area. Allow your call center to monitor, manage, and update jobs as they’re taking place in real time without countless phone calls to field personal. Quickly update statuses, notes, equipment used, and changes to the work order. Identify bottle necks and move appointments between technicians and employees.

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Daily Dispatch Page:

Review everyone’s route or allow you're regional or district office to review the routes in just their area. See mileage between appointments, mileage for each technician or employee, and total mileage impact on the complete fleet. You can quickly move appointments around, review mileage calculations updating in real time, and accept or discard your changes.

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Multi Day Dispatch:

See where your jobs are and who the jobs are scheduled to for today or the up-coming 7 days. Switching a scheduled appointment from one technician or from one day to another is as easy as putting a check in two boxes and clicking “switch” the scheduled date is moved along with any relevant paperwork to the correct employee or technician. Dispatch board is a great tool for call center or appointment personal to place reminder calls to customers and gives tools for rescheduling at their fingertips.


"As a company operating 24/7, and also being based outside of the U.S., we were concerned about the level of support we would receive, especially on a hosted platform. These concerns were short lived."
Vinay Joshi, IT Manager (Green Dot Limited)

"We have loved PBT since 2004. We can honestly say we would not be here without it. PBT has the ability to give your company the polished professional skills and appearance you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment."
Tim Bolin, Manager, (DigiStar Genesis)

"My company’s daily jobs cannot survive without ProBusinessTools. Since our business relies heavily on nationwide installation, we could not accept any jobs without this tool."
Ricki, General Manager, (PowerSat USA)

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