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ProBusinessTools® Work Order Management Software

Work Order Management Click to view

Work Order Management:

Manage all your work orders with the greatest of ease. Our service management software maintains your work orders in one central location. With the provided tools you are able to search, edit, schedule, and complete orders from anywhere you have an internet connection. Search by status, sales person, assigned to, date ranges: order date, schedule date, completed on date, last customer contact, order, and job type.

Work Order Information
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Work Order Information:

Work orders are easily created using standard forms and the automation that is built into the software cuts the time spent entering an order. Your clients have the ability to enter work orders and schedule jobs for you if they are ProBusinessTools subscribers. If your clients are not ProBusinessTools subscribers, you can create a login for them and they can enter data, search, schedule and view orders. You can do that or just upload the orders from a spreadsheet.

Order Search page Click to view

Order Search:

This page is used to search for work orders in your software database. You can search for work orders using various key criteria, allowing you to narrow down the type of information you would like to view.

Schedule and Route Orders Click to view

Work Order Dispatch:

Quickly view, cancel, unassign, and re-schedule orders all in one step on one page. That’s the power of the ProBusinessTools Dispatch and Multi Day Dispatch pages.

Daily Dashboard Report Click to view

Daily Dashboard Report:

Quickly seeing completion rates and customer cancellation percentages is just a fraction of what you can do using our dashboard tools. You can review numbers across sales groups, installation and service groups, departments, and locations. Quickly identify what sections of your company need training to maximize profits and increasing customer satisfaction

Schedule Appointments Click to view

Schedule Appointments:

See Internal Techs and Subcontractors that are available to work in the zip code associated with the Work Order. You have the ability to schedule your appointments to create the best route with the least number of miles traveled. Simply click on the link to schedule to the tech or sub you wish to use. Save money and time using the Schedule Appointment Calendar in ProBusinessTools.


"As a company operating 24/7, and also being based outside of the U.S., we were concerned about the level of support we would receive, especially on a hosted platform. These concerns were short lived."
Vinay Joshi, IT Manager (Green Dot Limited)

"We have loved PBT since 2004. We can honestly say we would not be here without it. PBT has the ability to give your company the polished professional skills and appearance you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment."
Tim Bolin, Manager, (DigiStar Genesis)

"My company’s daily jobs cannot survive without ProBusinessTools. Since our business relies heavily on nationwide installation, we could not accept any jobs without this tool."
Ricki, General Manager, (PowerSat USA)

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