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Here's what users of ProBusinessTools® are saying!

Billy Demers, TeleComm, (MPITelco)
"Thanks from MPITelco, We have been using this program for over a year and we love it!!! The ease and functionality is top notch."

Vinay Joshi, IT Manager, (Green Dot Limited)
"As a company operating 24/7, and also being based outside of the U.S., we were concerned about the level of support we would receive, especially on a hosted platform. These concerns were short lived. The level of support offered by the complete team has been nothing short of outstanding—from our initial interest to ongoing support. ProBusinessTools has made our job easier by taking the management headache away. The software is intuitively easy-to-use, and the processes easy to adapt to. We can now concentrate more on serving our customers, rather than getting caught up in finding another way to refine a dated paper process. I would recommend ProBusinessTools to any company looking for a business partner willing to go that extra mile in delivering and supporting a quality sales and scheduling application."

John Olivier, General Operations Manager, (Circuit City / firedog)
"With a network of 200+ third-party installation companies, hundreds of internal technicians and 600+ stores requiring a work order management system, we turned to ProBusinessTools as a temporary solution until a fully integrated “transformation” solution was provided by our very large, bureaucratic IT partner. From the outset, ProBusinessTools proved that while others planned, they delivered. We went from contract signing to full deploy within four months. The application was robust enough to meet all of our back office needs, yet streamlined enough for store associates and third-party partners to incorporate into their everyday business. For 3 years, our “temporary solution” provided us the ability to grow our network and our business with very few internal resources. The ProBusinessTools team supported and adapted to our evolving business model growing with us without missing a beat. Their understanding of the installation business and anticipation of our needs proved an invaluable asset, and our “transformation” solution was never completed or deployed. I would recommend ProBusinessTools to any organization that is looking for a robust yet flexible system that will grow with their business."

Tim Bolin, Manager, (DigiStar Genesis)
"We have loved PBT since 2004. We can honestly say we would not be here without it. PBT has the ability to give your company the polished professional skills and appearance you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. If you're tired of fumbling for information when your valued customers call then you need this today. Not only is PBT our choice but it is the choice of our major clients as well. PBT has proven invaluable as a resource for major companies who have found us because they also use PBT! PBT is all inclusive yet very easy-to-use. We use PBT for everything from tracking customer orders, and equipment to creating invoices and payroll. It’s so easy it’s almost automatic. In other words, it is essential."

Ricki, General Manager, (PowerSat USA)
"My company’s daily jobs cannot survive without ProBusinessTools. Since our business relies heavily on nationwide installation, we could not accept any jobs without this tool. As a matter of fact, we even took a risk when turning down a DirecTV software supplier to go with ProBusinessTools. The software is very user friendly and they offer first class technical support. Whenever we have a problem, the ProBusinessTools support staff always helps us solve the problem right away—just like a coworker would."

Alex Geron, Director of Information Technology, (Outlook Window Fashions)
"ProBusinessTools is our scheduling software of choice. It helped us transition from a paper-based business to an Internet-based business operating in real time. Even the most technically challenged team's members were able to utilize the user-friendly interface effectively. ProBusinessTools accommodating customer service and support help us around the clock. I would recommend ProBusinessTools to any company needing a quality scheduling solution."

Mike Hollinger, Field Service Supervisor, (Digital Audio Mechanical Contractors DAMCO) "ProBusinessTools has completely turned our company around. It has given us the opportunity to streamline our business and operate using one software solution. In addition to the software, the support department is absolutely wonderful. They are always willing to help me on-the-spot no matter what I need. Prosite Business Solutions makes me feel like my company’s success is their success as well."

Eric Crisp, General Manager, (X Satellite)
"Being an independent DirecTV retailer and concentrating primarily on sales, we didn’t feel we had much use for "installation software". When our new operations plan called for an online database, we searched many applications, spent many man hours researching and testing. In the end, ProBusinessTools® was the top choice. We soon found out that it was the best thing we could have done. ProBusinessTools® has mastered the tool for installation companies and is constantly improving the sales/retailer side with many tools that consolidate all needs into an easy to use package. Some of those tools include: DirecTV/Dish commission tracking, credit card processing, real time DirecTV account creation, shipment tracking, inventory management with access card activation verification and real time scheduling. No more are the days of faxing work. With just the click of a few buttons, an installer has the work. One of the best things about PBT thought is that it has the feel and use of a software giant while they maintain a customer relationship that rival’s many mom and pop shops. For a retailer, aside from the actual application use, when we signed up with PBT , we became part of a large installation network. This gave us the ability to get connected with a PBT installer in virtually any part of the USA. As a retailer, we could sell to anywhere in the USA while still maximizing our bottom line because we go right to the installation source. This allowed us to cut out the middle man. So now when we need an installer, it’s a requirement that they use PBT ."


"As a company operating 24/7, and also being based outside of the U.S., we were concerned about the level of support we would receive, especially on a hosted platform. These concerns were short lived."
Vinay Joshi, IT Manager (Green Dot Limited)

"We have loved PBT since 2004. We can honestly say we would not be here without it. PBT has the ability to give your company the polished professional skills and appearance you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment."
Tim Bolin, Manager, (DigiStar Genesis)

"My company’s daily jobs cannot survive without ProBusinessTools. Since our business relies heavily on nationwide installation, we could not accept any jobs without this tool."
Ricki, General Manager, (PowerSat USA)

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Lorne Hommerding, Operations Manager, (MicroTech)
"As we approach our 3rd year on Prosite , I have to still think to myself how scared I was to change a data base over with over a hundred technicians working for us. As I look back I wonder how we ever got through the day without using Prosite . Not only did my job get easier I found that I could handle more work with less people. From the Accounting Department tracking Payables and Receivables to warehousing equipment to Remote URL’s to link our call center to schedule our customers. I found that I could remotely access anything I wanted from anywhere as long as I had internet access. Our technicians have found out that they can have a job and a life too. They are routed closer to home which gives them the time to be home with their families instead of sitting in the evening traffic. The Prosite team has always been there to help with any problems and anytime of the day or evening. It didn’t matter that I was on the West coast and they were on the East coast they were always available any time. I have been approached by others with scheduling software and I must admit that Prosite wins hands down for their product and support. Once again I would like to say thanks to all for making our lives much easier."

Michael Holmes, President/CEO, (Bates Installation Co. Inc.) "As we approach our second anniversary as subscribers, I want to take the opportunity to express my thanks to all at Prosite for creating a system that has allowed my business to grow and prosper in a way that otherwise would have been impossible. Affordable to set up and maintain, Prosite gives us capabilities that only a server based system can offer in terms of reaching and accommodating customers, clients, and installation personnel nationwide. Beyond that, Prosite has been responsive to our changing needs by continuously adding and upgrading features while providing prompt support and training. As far as I know, there simply is no other system that incorporates as much in the way of features and support in a package as cost effective as Prosite. Thanks to all…and best wishes for a prosperous 2005."

Rhonda Demarest, Owner, (Onetec LLC)
"I am the owner of onetec LLC and have been using your product since October of 2002. I am personally involved with scheduling customers, inventory and tracking of equipment and accounting and quickly found your product to be extremely beneficial. I think your scheduling tool, in particular, is quite amazing, in that my customers are easily scheduled and my technicians no longer have to drive to our office on a daily basis to pick up paperwork. In addition, your staff is knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Prosite Business Solutions has been an invaluable resource in helping me to complete the day to day functions of my business in a much more efficient manner than ever before. Thanks for a truly great service!"

Candy Harman, Operations Manager, (Buccaneer Communications)
"After reviewing and using several different installation software programs we found Prosite Business Solutions. This software has allowed us to grow our business over 300% in three years. It manages everything for our company from installations to accounting and technician payroll. It also allows us to monitor our own DTV sales and inventory. This is the most complete, user friendly management program on the market. I have seen Prosite Business Solutions adjust and make changes to the software as we (the client) request different needs. I will always use Prosite Business Solutions to manage our business."

Prime Installs, LLC
"With this appointment scheduling software package in place, we have seen dramatic changes within our overall numbers. We have seen activation rates up as much as 1/3 and cancellations down by half, said David Mitchell, Operations Manager, Prime Installs, L.L.C. Our churn rate has dramatically decreased and we have had better overall customer satisfaction. The ability to give the customer a date based on the installation companies actual openings is incredible."

Sparks Installation Service, Inc.
"Finally after 26 years in the communications industry we have found a system that has been developed that does everything needed to insure great customer service with the productivity that installation companies require. After six months of working with this software i am still surprised at ALL of the ideas that have been implemented into this system to make everyone jobs more complete. My hats off to the effort it took to bring this 'great tool of productivity' to the market..."

Swartzel Electric
"The de facto standard web-based scheduling software and customer CRM database for the service industry. Every once in a great while, there comes along a company whose ideas are so demanding and enriching that it's really hard to believe! I was a little skeptical, but once I started looking at the program and testing it, I became more excited. This program really works! The most important part of all of this is the "PROFESSIONAL and FRIENDLY" help that I get, all the time. This is one of those "once in a lifetime opportunities."

Satellite Installation Specialist
"I knew in fifteen minutes this was a superb product. My clients, staff and installation network team love this software. I can't imagine trying to operate my business without your program."

M and M Satellite
"Thank you, I now spend less time on the phone, more time spent make sure our quality goals are met, my installers are happier and wanting to complete more work in a day, less down time for installers, and finally, my overhead has decreased and profits increased. There is a new excitement around this place and we at M and M Satellite want to thank you."

Sky Communications
"The software is helping our business greatly, very easy to find the customers, either by name, number, city, scheduled, not scheduled, also easy to cross reference the customers with any other companies that are questioning a job or customer problem. Couldn't live without it."

Digital Home Solutions
"Just wanted to complement you on the website. It has really become a valuable tool for us. It makes the scheduling easier along with the ability to track the installations and run the reports. One person can actually handle the whole process with this system. Thank you for a great system."
"ProBusinessTools is the scheduling tool for better appointment positioning and minimized travel for satellite dish installers. Customer, client, technician, order and schedule management - Provides web ordering, tracking and scheduling for customers and clients by allowing installation teams and their technicians to print daily schedule reports and invoices from home and complete a nightly closeout report all online."

Carlos - Independent Installer
"This is amazing, I can print out my orders and invoices for the day from home, close orders from home, this means more time at home and less time in the office."

Brian - Independent Installer
"I have been in the business for ten years, and never had the ability to make my schedule and take care of my orders so easily. Best of all I can work from the office or sitting at home."

Fredrick - Independent Installer
"I love traveling fewer miles in a day and being able to spend more time with customers and not feeling rushed."

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