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ProBusinessTools® Technician Management Software

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Technician Management:

You can search for and edit technicians by group, department, location, zip area, ranking, or calendar events. Quickly see your coverage, how many technicians you have in a given area and how many appointments they can handle. You can edit technicians individually or by group. You can easily copy one standard template to use multiple times in setting technicians that are just alike. If we can make inserting data any easier we would.

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Technician Appointment Setting:

Our software allows your call center or sales staff to quickly schedule a job to the right technician in the spot that best fits your company’s goals. The tools for setting up technicians’ work days, work times, coverage areas, time factors of jobs, tech skills of technicians, ranking of subcontractors, max distance between appointments and a host of other business rules allows you the ability to give scheduling access to customers, clients, and sales personnel that are removed from technician management and have no knowledge of the technician base.

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Technician Work Order Paperwork:

Your technician will be able to print and view all the important paperwork to support the successful installation, service, or other appointments for a satisfying job for your customer(s). The technician gets an itinerary with all the job information they need, date & time of scheduled appointment, customer’s information address and phone numbers, job type, and any notes attached to the order. Then on a separate sheet the work order/invoice prints off for the customer’s signature. This paperwork can be customized to include any of the data fields or information that is on the order itself, what technician does the job, and where to call if they have problems with their service down the road.

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Technician Software Solution:

Technicians can be given internet and mobile access to print off paperwork, review calendar, print off routes and maps, update work order statuses, close out jobs, and insert important information related to the job, equipment installed, serial & model numbers used, as well as consumables needed to finish the job.

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Technician and Employee Pay Report:

Do you pay by the hour or by the job? Our Accounting Software allows you to quickly run pay reports based upon completed date range, rather paperwork has been turned in, and QA flags by supervisors or customer satisfaction team. Pay per job can easily be updated to account for trip fees, mileage extension, and prepaid fuel costs.


"As a company operating 24/7, and also being based outside of the U.S., we were concerned about the level of support we would receive, especially on a hosted platform. These concerns were short lived."
Vinay Joshi, IT Manager (Green Dot Limited)

"We have loved PBT since 2004. We can honestly say we would not be here without it. PBT has the ability to give your company the polished professional skills and appearance you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment."
Tim Bolin, Manager, (DigiStar Genesis)

"My company’s daily jobs cannot survive without ProBusinessTools. Since our business relies heavily on nationwide installation, we could not accept any jobs without this tool."
Ricki, General Manager, (PowerSat USA)

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